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8 pillars of EPM delivery

Avoiding the pitfalls of an EPM implementation

Implementing a new EPM solution can be an effective way of improving business performance.

Embarking on such a project is no different to any other implementation – there are always potential pitfalls. Implementing an EPM solution is never just about making a software purchase and managing the implementation to the required time, cost and quality level.

We believe there are 3 distinct foundation levels to a successful EPM project:-

Vision: understand the needs of the organisation, select the right tool and partner

Delivery: have the right team and environment, deliver on time and on budget

People: ensure the target audience are 100% satisfied through effective communication and change management


The ais 8 pillars of EPM delivery

Building on the 3 foundation levels are 8 pillars which will help you:-


  • Diagnose real problems and focus on areas for improvement
  • Evaluate systems and gain a thorough understanding of requirements
  • Manage key stakeholders and avoid “scope creep”
  • Align systems with corporate objectives
  • Achieve time, cost and quality objectives
  • Understand the impact of change on the organization
  • Ensure an effective communications strategy is in place
  • Carry out post-implementation reviews and learn from the past

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