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Pathway to Success

Our guiding methodology and corporate values are proven to work and have been at the core of ais since its inception.
Not only are they a fundamental strength of our business, but they have become enduring qualities that define our character and culture.

“We have better control of our data and we have easy access to superior analytical tools. These are all critically important for the business.” Chris Hall, Director of Finance and Planning, National Networks Group, UK Department for Transport.


You need to know where you are going before you can get there.

Simpler faster better
Our focus is to help our customers achieve simpler, faster and better processes. Every company is different – cultural, mindset and technology. However, principles in best practice process adoption can be applied universally.

There are increasing demands on the finance function to deliver better information, more frequently and with a greater degree of certainty. In order to do this, it is necessary to take a step back and review the current way of doing things.
ais help you understand how to simplify your existing processes, to remove the low value add activity and result in leaner performance management processes.

It is becoming increasingly important to be able to plan faster, to forecast more frequently and close the books quicker – and at the same time improve the accuracy of information. Processes are being squeezed at both ends – need to be faster, need to be more accurate. ais adopt best practice principles in process improvement to ensure that planning cycles are significantly shorter, forecasts use much less effort and are more accurate and consolidation is as automated as possible.

Line staff, managers and the Board all need information to make decisions. Decisions at operational, finance and strategic levels govern the performance of the company. Leading-edge companies determine the correct levels of information at the different levels of the organisational structure – they slim down vast reporting packs to fewer, more salient reports that provide transparency on the key areas that affect the business and are controllable.ais help our customers to define important information and then work through business processes to ensure that this is delivered fast and with a high degree of accuracy.

Know how

People, skills and processes to deliver leading practice.
Having successfully executed many projects with our customers, it is very clear that the consulting team is very important. The consulting team bring expertise in finance, process improvement, technical and project management. We believe that all of these competencies are essential to deliver against a best practice vision and we structure our teams in a military fashion to ensure that all the boxes are ticked.


A clear view to the end point.
Clarity is an essential ingredient for success in change programmes. Both client and business partner need to agree an end point and understand roles, responsibilities and processes that help to achieve the desired end state.
ais adopt a project approach that helps all stakeholders understand what needs to be achieved and how individual roles contribute. Our engagement model clarifies what needs to be done and by whom.
Our project governance process ensures that the engagement model is persisted into the workings of the joint project teams and that lines of communication are open across appropriate channels.


A managed process – no surprises.
Finance and operational change projects are complex by their very nature. There are multiple dependencies, many resources and schedules to co-ordinate and often the end solution is only as good as the outputs from the upstream process areas.
ais use a specifically designed risk management process to keep ahead of the pitfalls that are typical on change programmes. Our motto is ‘no surprises’ for us or our clients.


Guiding you on a shared journey.
Change programmes are uncertain and stressful. You can never be quite sure what the end point will be after selecting software, consulting partners and internal project team – the end point seems far off and unclear.
ais work closely with our customers ahead of the journey and along the way to make sure that all steps to the end point are transparent – everyone knows what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the expected outcomes will be.
A clear joint view is essential to bind consulting and client teams to a common goal.