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All line up in the car-park! – There are easier ways to confirm your headcount

One of the challenges I experienced when working both in Finance and IT at a large UK manufacturing organisation was how to get an accurate count of employees for reporting purposes. What should have been a simple question would lead to multiple and inconsistent answers depending on who you asked. Payroll would provide a number that may include employees that had left but were still owed back-pay. Personnel’s numbers would …Read More

Two American Presidents and a Welsh Hotel – My HANA awakening

Watching the US President speaking at the NATO summit at a hotel in Wales recently, I was reminded that the last time I was at the same venue was in 2011. This again involved an American president albeit an SAP Vice President extolling the virtues of HANA. SAP’s High-Performance Analytic Appliance or more snappily named HANA was showcased as an in memory real time analytics application. As someone who is …Read More

New for Old – The benefits of keeping your software up to date

As I was waiting for the latest version of Apples operating system to download to my iPad, I was struck by how much new functionality you can get for free. Similarly, having recently provided information for one of our clients on BPC Support Package implementation, we were surprised by the amount of additional functionality that was available for free (as part of their support contract) that they could be taking …Read More

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This quote by Leonardo da Vinci was referenced in a recent interview by SAP CEO Bill McDermott to illustrate how “doing complicated things simply” was the new mantra within the company. Their head of marketing has even gone as far as saying the S in SAP is for simple. In the article talks McDermott talks about helping companies to simplify their technical operations and thus drive out efficiency and I …Read More

Don’t let exchange rate uncertainty derail your organisation

A recent article in The Times© – Exchange rates threaten to derail Hornby – reminded me not only of the fun I had as a child playing with Scalextric® model cars but also about the perils of not being able to forecast and manage the impact of exchange rates. Most organisations, to a greater or lesser extent, are affected by volatile currencies whether through purchase of components and raw materials, …Read More