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CPM Software Selection


When we talk about Corporate Performance Management (CPM) we mean: Planning / budgeting and forecasting; performance reporting; analytics; statutory and regulatory reporting.

Gartner talk now dissects CPM into 2 strands, Finance CPM and Strategic CPM:

Finance CPM focuses on efficiency and control – reducing the cost of reporting processes, making them more efficient and installing greater process governance and controls. Finance CPM focuses on the best run finance processes.

Strategic CPM focuses on business performance – using technology to tell the business something that they don’t already know…it brings to the surface insights to increase revenue, simulate new markets or products, improve customer or product profitability. Strategic CPM focuses on enabling finance to support a better running business.

There are many software packages out there in the market today – and each with their own strengths and weaknesses and at different pricing levels. The decision is to find the right solution and vendor that can deliver your requirements, is a suited business partner and allows room for growth.

How can we help

Our view is that software selection is a critical aspect in many finance change projects – but often the right questions are not asked or the right people are not providing the answers.
You can use our CPM software value tracker – it’s an agnostic process to determine which software packages and vendors will best suit your tactical and strategic requirements.

The Software Value Tracker provides

  • An assessment of softwares against you functional and non-functional requirements
  • An assessment of the degree of fit to your IT strategy
  • An assessment of the vendor and their fit as a business partner to your organisation
  • Vision of your desired processes with each vendor solution

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