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EPM Transformation toolkit

A fast and valuable process to initiate planning, reporting and consolidation projects…CIMA logo …a finance benchmark process for those wanting to get the most value from any projects in finance. EPM Transformation Toolkit helps organisations to focus on the right things at the start of any finance projects resulting in a simpler, faster and better finance processes. EPM-Diagram In a few days you will understand:

  • How you compare to peers and best practice
  • Focused opportunities for improvement in planning, reporting and consolidation
  • Roadmap and indicative business case

Step 1 – Assess Gap

The EPM Analyser is an on line diagnostic tool designed by ais and launched by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – it contains benchmark EPM information for over 150 large enterprises in the UK.

Complete this on line diagnostic in 15 minutes and receive a report that explains where you are in relation to your peers and best practice…

Click here to start the on line diagnostic…

Step 2 – Scope

Scoping workshops focus on:

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritising by cost, incremental value, ease of execution and risk
  • High level design of future state processes

This short scoping exercise allows customers to visualise the end state and establish some detail towards the business case

Step 3 – Roadmap

Creation of a roadmap to value:

  • Alignment of strategies: Business, IT and external software vendor
  • Project charter, definition and high level plan
  • Costs, risks and indicative resource plan

The roadmap provides a plan of action and the investment costs and risks For further information please contact ais: tel +44(0)20 7259 1080 or email epmbenchmark@ais-consulting.co.uk