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Finance Improvement Toolkit

 “Many finance organisations are looking at how to improve their planning and reporting processes to streamline finance operations and improve quality.”

Organisations know they need to act but are unsure about where to start.

Common thinking at this stage is:

“Not sure if we really have senior sponsorship”
“Cannot visualise what we will get at the end”
“What does the business justification look like?”
“I am interested in what other companies are doing”

The finance improvement toolkit is a straightforward way to compare your organisation’s performance management processes against peer reviews, industry averages and leading practice. It helps to identify which areas should be targeted for improvement and how to best make this change happen.

The Roadmap process comprises 3 stages – the whole process would take on average 2-3 days of your time depending on scope to be covered and the number of stakeholders involved.

Rate and Compare

  •  Access online diagnostic
  • Rate your organisation vs 64 finance process measures
  • Carry out with multiple stakeholders to get balanced view
  • Immediately see results vs peers and industry average



ais analyser image

Prioritise and Design

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and assess for priority
  • Analyse opportunities by value, risk, cost and ease of adoption
  • Create options for future finance processes to include improvements/opportunities
  • Articulate an achievable and appropriate desired future state

process image

Plan and Engage

  • Define a roadmap to achieve future state
  • Create a strategy for stakeholder buy-in
  • Knowledge transfer workshops, proof of concepts, communication materials
  • Establish indicative resource plan
  • Define business case using process analyser tool

roadmap image

For further information please contact ais: tel +44(0)20 7259 1080 or email