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Finance improvement workshops

With years working with companies to improve finance processes, we pooled our resources to make a toolset to structure and accelerate this process. We launched our finance assessment process with CIMA in 2014 – and over 150 UK companies completed the assessment.CIMA logo EPM-Diagram

Its a concise high impact process that will help you to understand:

  • How you compare to peers and best practice
  • Focused opportunities for improvement in planning, reporting and consolidation
  • Roadmap and indicative business case

Step 1 – online CPM Assessment

We set up your access to the online assessment tool – it covers planning, reporting, consolidation and performance management.
This takes 30 mins to complete – and provides you a report that:

  • Helps you assess and score your processes
  • Benchmarks your processes against peers and leading practices
  • Identifies opportunities for improvements

Many organisations who did this encouraged different roles within the finance function to participate – so they could capture a range of opinions prior to the workshops.

Step 2 – Finance workshops

We run workshops with you using the output of the CPM assessment tool to:

  • Assess the current position
  • Prioritising by cost, incremental value, ease of execution and risk
  • Examine relevant case
  • High level design of selected options

We use the output from the workshop to create a vision of the future processes with business case benefits and costs.

Step 3 – Finance Blueprint and Roadmap

We work with you to consolidate the information gathered and workshop findings into a report.
The blueprint and roadmap contains:

  • Current processes assessment with opportunities to improve
  • A “To Be” process definition
  • Alignment of strategies: Business, IT and external software vendor
  • A roadmap for change: scope, high level plan, indicative costs, resource requirements and risk assessment
  • A Business case for the change

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