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New for Old – The benefits of keeping your software up to date

old to new road sign imageAs I was waiting for the latest version of Apples operating system to download to my iPad, I was struck by how much new functionality you can get for free.

Similarly, having recently provided information for one of our clients on BPC Support Package implementation, we were surprised by the amount of additional functionality that was available for free (as part of their support contract) that they could be taking advantage of. This included new reporting capabilities, improved process management and more granular security.

Personally I am the earliest of early adopters, always fascinated by new technology or functionality. However I recognise that organisations may wish to be more conservative, waiting for the latest release to be more widely adopted before implementing – but not at the other extreme operating unsupported software. It’s worth talking to your support / implementation partner on a regular basis to understand the upgrade path for your software. This will provide an insight to benefits and a well-planned implementation.

Added to potential improvements in performance and stability, keeping your solution up to date is the default choice.

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