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SAP BPC Continuous Improvement

High impact – low effort!

“The ais continuous improvement workshops are very useful if you already have SAP BPC – you get to discuss high benefits / minimum investment activities that other customers are engaged in to improve their BPC processes… you also get a good understanding of the “art of the possible” with BPC and what is happening in the future in the SAP roadmap…”

There are many ways to enhance you BPC systems – below are some of the main areas covered by continuous improvement – you can ‘pick and mix’ for the areas of specific interest:

SAP BPC 10 – Key benefits and upgrade process

The BPC 10 version was a step change in the evolution of the product. Many customers are still not running version 10 and within 6 months the new version 10.1 will be available providing more innovation.

We help customers to weigh up the pros and cons of going to the latest version and can walk you through a low risk process to upgrade.

Bring information to life with SAP dashboards

One of the biggest quick wins for SAP BPC customers!

Having invested time & effort improving the information to manage performance – why not deliver that information with impact. SAP dashboards can be quickly built and housed in SAP BPC with real-time updates to performance information. A favourite of C-level executives and management teams…

Available on IPAD or other tablets!




Feed predictive analysis into your planning processes

SAP predictive analytics is a desktop solution that runs on your computer. It takes trend information and provides statistical analysis to predict future outcomes. This is a powerful and low investment tool to provide greater accuracy to your planning and forecasting.

predictive analytics2

predictive analytics

SAP BPC Rapid deployment solutions

SAP provides prebuilt BPC Rapid Deployment solutions (RDS) available free of charge to customers that can be amended to fit your business. ais have these solutions up and running and can provide demonstrations to showcase what is available.

RDS’s exist in BPC for:
– Operational headcount planning
– Public sector planning
– GL integration
– Strategic financial planning
– IFRS consolidation

Do more with BPC

Many customers who have got to grips with the BPC technology understand that it is very flexible and is well suited to a number of different uses. Below are examples of where ais customers have used BPC for areas other than standard financial planning and consolidation processes:
– Risk analysis and reporting
– Capital projects planning and tracking
– Pipeline and sales planning
– HR planning and reporting
– Market share analysis
– Etc

We can provide numerous other examples and case references for customers who “sweat their BPC assets”

What’s in the future –BPC 10.1

ais are SAP BPC 10.1 Ramp-up partners…this means SAP have provided us the software ahead of its official release so that we can evaluate and feedback to them. This early insight gives us a practical knowledge and the ability to discuss factually the potential benefits to be had further down the line.


The introduction of the in-memory HANA technology provides a ground breaking change to some aspects of planning and reporting with vastly improved performance and scalability. We can help you understand what HANA is and how it works with BPC,

The BPC Health Check

ais provide a BPC audit review for your BPC systems from both a technical perspective and process perspective. In some cases we have helped turn around failing or underachieving projects and in other cases we have simply helped improve user satisfaction and adoption or improved performance.

ais analyser

Find out how your planning and reporting processes measure up. We provide you a simple on line diagnostic that helps you understand where the best opportunities for improvement are and provides you a personalised dashboard to keep and share this position.

The diagnostic tool provides you with a catalogue of best practices and provides a suggested roadmap gain the benefits.

Contact Nigel or Azim to arrange a BPC continuous improvement workshop or to talk about a requirement you might have.

Nigel.Gibson@ais-consulting.co.uk                                                                                  Azim.Khan@ais-consulting.co.uk 
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