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SAP BPC – Best practices for finance and business process

What is SAP BPC?

SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)  provides a single system for planning, forecasting, reporting and statutory consolidation processes.  This single platform provides a raft of benefits such as: fewer reconciliations, faster processes, more transparent reporting and better user adoption.


The chart below demonstrates the different uses of SAP BPC that ais have implemented for our customers:



The BPC toolset has an advantage against its competitors. It combines financial intelligence, planning capabilities, data analysis and reporting. Organisations that recognise this capability with SAP BPC, tend to really sweat the asset and utilise the tool for a wider range of business processes within performance management.

Ease of use

Our customers say that using SAP BPC helps: business self-service, finance ownership, high user adoption, and empowerment. SAP BPC processes help to roll out new and exciting best practices like scenario analysis , sensitivities and a  greater level of business transparency.

Easy to talk to other systems

SAP BPC integrates well with other systems. Planning, consolidation and performance management processes need to be able to suck up information from ledgers, operational systems and even commentaries. Greater capability in this area leads to more efficient processes and better information being available.

SAP and non-SAP versions

SAP BPC comes in 2 flavours.A SAP flavour that integrates well and understands the SAP landscape and a Microsoft version that integrates well with all other landscapes. Both provide pretty much the same functionality.

So what about ais and SAP BPC

In a nutshell: Over 50 successful SAP BPC projects delivered over 13 years – see list of clients. End to End SAP BPC services: Implementation support and training – read more . Finance Improvement toolkit to improve existing BPC processes – read more. Project readiness toolkits to help assess project management, change management and governance processes – also provides sample project collateral. Experience of related components: SAP ECC, SAP BW, Business Objects tools. Prebuilt SAP BPC content to achieve faster time to value – ask for a demo!. SAP BPC Continuous Improvement partner – read more. Finance thought leaders – see activities with CIMA – read more


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