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Need to improve your BPC system?

Being specialists in the BPC market, AIS are frequently asked to review live BPC systems…
Common issues that we come across are:

“Surely BPC can do more – our processes are pretty manual still and we were looking for more efficiency”

“Our BPC system is very slow and cumbersome – the users are not happy”

“we did not get as much value from the BPC project as we hoped – we were looking for more timely, accurate and transparent information to inform our decisions”

“We are running an old version and don’t know what we should upgrade to”

The health check process is a short sharp intense review lasting a few days which:

  • Validates the BPC design against your real requirements
  • Improves system stability and performance
  • Ensures User experience is positive with simple and intuitive processes
  • Helps you understand what other customers are doing

The health check process provides you with:

  • Analysis of current situation with Short, Medium and Long term recommendations
  • SAP Roadmap and how this will affect you
  • A process benchmark measuring your existing processes against best practice and peer organisations

For further information please contact ais: tel +44(0)20 7259 1080 or email