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ais analyser

Find out how your planning and reporting processes measure up. We provide you a simple on line diagnostic that helps you understand where the best opportunities for improvement are and provides you a personalised dashboard to keep and share this position.

The diagnostic tool provides you with a catalogue of best practices and provides a suggested roadmap gain the benefits.

Contact Richard or Azim to arrange a BPC continuous improvement workshop or to talk about a requirement you might have.

Richard.Moore@ais-consulting.co.uk                                                                                  Azim.Khan@ais-consulting.co.uk 
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Business case development

Strategic – Economic – Achievable
ais can work with you to assimilate a proposed investment into a formal structure where costs, potential benefits and risks are evaluated objectively and methodically. The business case provides a mechanism to facilitate an informed decision about whether to proceed with an investment option and in what form. It also serves as a basis against which execution of a specific investment option can be monitored as well as continued funding may be evaluated during the lifecycle of the investment.


Underpinned by the rigour of PRINCE2 and tailored to the specifics of planning and consolidation, we provide a framework for your EPM project that helps you get the most from your investment.
Our Delivery Toolkit helps our customers to achieve high quality results and a high level of acceptance from their users.

implementation“Through using industry best practice process blueprints we ensure improvements to your planning and consolidation processes.”

“BPC accelerators are used to fast track the build but also ensure a best practice design is consistent throughout.”

“ais Labs is a controlled off-site BPC environment that is used to prototype design options for your review and also to benchmark performance.”

“A robust quality assurance process validates design and build and the “fit-back” to requirements throughout the project.”

Please contact us to request a copy of our implementation brochure.

Project management

We use a customised PRINCE2 methodology to ensure that our BPC projects are delivered on time, on budget and are fit for purpose. Having managed numerous BPC projects in the past, we have a good knowledge of the lifecycle of BPC projects and where the potential pitfalls may lie as well as how to avoid them.
Planning something that you have never done before can be risky and uncertain so you may wish to mitigate that risk by talking to us. We offer full project management services or adhoc advisory if you would like us to help your project managers de-risk their projects.


ais have been delivering training to clients and SAP partners across Europe for the past 13 years. In addition to our standard BPC training courses, we provide customised training courses to suit your individual needs.
Our training workshops are hands-on sessions and trainers are consultants who have many years of experience implementing BPC.

To register for a course please contact us to discuss a customised training programme.

Courses available are:

Reporting_TrainingAdmin_TrainingAgendaDownload Reporting– 2 days [download PDF]

Download Consolidation – 2 days [download PDF]