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SAP Value Lifecycle Manager

SAP VLM is a tool used to benchmark customer performance and formulate business cases.

The tool provides:

  • Online and collaborative business case development tool
  • Repository of industry based content on business process level pain points, enablers, best practices and value drivers / KPIs
  • Robust calculator of project economics (e.g. NPV, IRR, payback , cost of delay etc)
  • Enabler of collaboration between business, IT and finance teams
  • Interactive platform to demonstrate business case results to executives

ais are a trained in SAP VLM processes and bring a depth of management consulting tools and techniques to assist our clients in benchmarking processes and business case definition.


Integration, flexibility and scalability.
Process transformations in finance and business planning frequently employ new technologies that need to work alongside other systems.
Organisations that run SAP need to be able to integrate their information seamlessly and provide flexibility in reporting. SAP BW helps to join up systems and provide greater automation.
We have over 30 years combined experience of working with SAP BW. Our team is expert at using BW to facilitate integration between SAP BPC and modules in SAP ERP. Having an in-depth knowledge of these areas, we come to your projects with a wealth of experience and pre-existing tools.

SAP ERP integration

Planning, consolidation and reporting processes in finance are informed by many sources of information in operational areas of the business.
ais consultants have in-depth experience in operational processes and systems which allows us to make sure that integration into CFO processes can be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Our consulting team has experience of SAP Finance, SAP HR SAP supply chain and APO. Technical and process experience in these areas enables us to provide seamless integration to financial planning and consolidation areas.