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We work with a range of companies across all industry types and of varying sizes.
Our consultants are adaptable to different working environments and have experience working in SME to FTSE 100 multinationals. Below are examples of some of the customers whom we have helped, as well as a brief description of the nature of their projects.


Our client, a large government body is using SAP BPC for consolidation and management reporting. ais are working closely with this client on varied applications of the BPC software spanning different business units.
Two projects have been completed providing high quality reporting and analysis of the financial data.
A third project replaced a legacy application and provides detailed financial and regulatory information from data provided by external companies.
A fourth project is currently underway to replace the Department’s spreadsheet-based KPI reporting system with a SAP BPC application.

Financial Services (FTSE 100)

Our client, a FTSE 100 financial services company, used to have a multitude of spreadsheets in order to carry out their financial consolidation. Never having used a consolidation system before meant that they were unsure about how to plan and execute the delivery. We worked with them to produce a streamlined financial consolidation and reporting system. Our client then engaged us to carry out further projects on management reporting.

Construction (FTSE 100)

Our client, a FTSE 100 construction company, replaced Hyperion Enterprise with SAP BPC as their new group consolidation tool. The new system allowed them to collect and consolidate a greater wealth of information in a reduced close period.

Real Estate (FTSE 100 and 250)

ais have undertaken projects with a number of real estate companies to implement SAP BPC. These projects have covered legal consolidation and planning solutions replacing either numerous linked spreadsheets or older consolidation systems.


Our client is a medium-sized company in the in the food manufacturing industry. Previously, consolidated management reports were delivered using numerous linked Excel spreadsheets which were prone to error and difficult to maintain. The spreadsheet system was replaced with SAP BPC to carry out the financial consolidation in a much faster and more controlled process. The next phase involved the budgeting and forecasting processes being integrated into BPC thus producing a unified system for all reported information.


Our client, a medium-sized gardening and nursery retail company, is replacing an Excel-based planning model with SAP BPC. The budgeting process now takes place much faster and allows flexibility whilst maintaining audit and control. More time can be spent on the value adding activities rather than number crunching and rechecking.

Oil and Gas (FTSE 100)

Our client, a major oil and gas company, worked closely with us to streamline group reporting processes and produce a new web-based management reporting system. Various technologies were employed to meet a complex customised requirement. The new reporting process ironed out much of the low value add activity ingrained in the original processes and opened up opportunities for further improvement within the group finance function.

Telecoms (FTSE 100)

Our client, a leading telecoms company, replaced an oracle/spreadsheet reporting system with web-based software to report internally on usage of mobile networks and additional mobile services. As multimedia offerings grew, our client was unable to sufficiently report all levels of usage given the previous technology. We worked with our client to develop a system that met their reporting requirements and also provide improvements in the reporting process. The resulting system encompassed flexible adhoc reporting as well as presentation packs for distribution to differing levels of management.