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Solvency II and Lloyds

Want to quickly implement a solution to fulfill your Solvency II requirements without settling for a just quick fix? With Tagetik performance management software, you can.

“Over 100 insurance customers using Tagetik’s Pre-packaged solution for SII and Lloyds reporting”

Tagetik has both the software and the industry experience to streamline your reporting and disclosure processes as part of a complete, fast-to-implement Solvency II solution.

With the Solvency II pre-packaged application of Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software solution, you can ensure 100% compliance with both current and future EIOPA requirements:

  • Pillar I – pre-configured calculation rules based on the standard formula, including calculation  of ‘Solvency Capital Requirements’ (SCR), ‘Minimum Capital Requirements’ (MCR) and  risk submodules
  • Pillar II – calculation of the expected solvency positions and management of the ORSA document (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment)
  • Pillar III – Full coverage of the regulation requirements thanks to a pre-packaged
    solution including QRTs, quality and coherence checks, reconciliation with IFRS,
    XBRL and support to disclosure of the documents to the market (Solvency and
    Financial Condition Report, SFCR) and to the Authority (Regular Supervisory
    Report, RSR).
  • Lloyds CMR reporting for Solvency II – AAD /QAD, ASR / QSR, SRS – pre-configured forms and validations as defined by Lloyds and kept up to date with each release (see Tagetik on the Lloyds website)

Please contact Azim Khan on 020 7259 1080 to discuss your requirements, see a demo and share customer experiences.