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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da vinci SimplicityThis quote by Leonardo da Vinci was referenced in a recent interview by SAP CEO Bill McDermott to illustrate how “doing complicated things simply” was the new mantra within the company. Their head of marketing has even gone as far as saying the S in SAP is for simple.

In the article talks McDermott talks about helping companies to simplify their technical operations and thus drive out efficiency and I was struck by how this aligned to both the ais vision of “Simpler Faster Better” and my own drive to get organisations to simplify their processes and systems.

This company and personal desire for simplification has sometimes led to challenging discussions with clients when they believe that there is a requirement for an overly complicated user input form or convoluted approval process. This requirement is usually driven by “that’s the way we have always done it” thinking however, by explaining the benefits of a less complicated approach, and exploring the business value that the organisation is trying to achieve, a consensus is found.

The benefits can include:
• Better user experience
• Process efficiencies
• Reduced testing time
• Less complicated training and support
• Ease of upgrade to future releases

So remember – Simplify your Systems and Processes – you heard it at ais first.

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