CCH Tagetik & SAP HANA

CCH Tagetik & SAP HANA: create amazing opportunities for finance

A survey by CCH Tagetik found that 70% of organisations are still reliant on spreadsheets for Corporate Performance Management (CPM). CCH Tagetik togther with SAP HANA gives CFOs a holistic view of the business.

CCH Tagetik + SAP HANA

Finance organisation running SAP HANA are getting huge benefits from using CCH Tagetik.

Corporate finance departments use many systems to handle all their financial reporting needs. A survey by CCH Tagetik found that 70% of organisations are still reliant on spreadsheets. This makes it difficult for CFOs to get a holistic view of the business. CCH Tagetik solves this problem by running the full range of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) processes in one platform. For CFO’s using SAP HANA it is  CPM on double power.

More data is becoming the norm in finance, CCH Tagetik are using a “Big Data” platform to get better results. Running on SAP HANA, CCH Tagetik can now give your finance teams a new way to plan and report.

As an SAP Technology Partner, CCH Tagetik can run on SAP platforms making it compatible with SAP landscapes.

The key is the way CCH Tagetik and SAP manage data. SAP HANA works with both aggregated and transactional data. CCH Tagetik “piggy backs” on this capability to manage both financial and operational data. Now you can utilise the power of SAP HANA with Tagetik’s planning and reporting platform.

Understand the “Why” behind the numbers

Having data held in one place, rather than spread across systems, simplifies maintenance. It also makes it possible for customers to drill-down and understand business drivers.

SAP Integration: 30% Cost Reduction

For SAP companies – Integration is a key area. Too many companies spend hours and days integrating SAP to their reporting systems. They spend thankless days moving data, checking it and rechecking it. They liaise with data teams, SAP functional teams and IT teams.

But with CCH Tagetik this is no longer the case. The CCH Tagetik solution includes an SAP CCH Tagetik connector. This plugs into SAP ERP and provides a simple “business layer” for finance users. CCH Tagetik connectivity applies to both HANA and normal SAP landscapes.

On average – the CCH Tagetik SAP Connector reduces integration costs by up to 30%.

Also, the solution uses the SAP Enterprise Portal to provide a simple experience for the SAP user.

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Reduced cycle time: Planning 70% / Close 50%

With CCH Tagetik and SAP Hana, you don’t need to wait for anything. Gone are the days of getting a cup of coffee while waiting for a report. Or grabbing lunch while the latest Actual data loads.

CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA will run much faster for a lot more informationThe CCH Tagetik platform bridges the gap for organisations who are adopting a ‘Finance as a Business Partner’ approach, with the integration of operational and financial data being at the fingertips of the finance teams that are increasingly serving the business.

So what does this mean?


  • Reports run 70% faster…and this is with more granular detailsConsolidation time reduced by 50%
  • Up to 40% reduction in complex allocation processes
  • CCH Tagetik is a powerful platform for finance and a good choice for organisations running SAP.

In fact, Tagetik on HANA can shorten the planning cycle by 70% and the close process by 50%. The result is faster reporting that frees up more time for analysis and strategic tasks.

Built by Finance for Finance

Finance processes are complex, but your software shouldn’t be.

SAP have chosen CCH Tagetik as technology partner for the office of Finance. This is because CCH Tagetik are specialists in Finance and make software easy for finance people to use.

CCH Tagetik is a finance tool that is configured by Finance teams. There is no coding or IT involvement required other than initial set up.

This means that you can improve planning and financial reporting with greater ease.

Finance super users can maintain the system and extend its use to other areas in finance. And there is a full set of finance tools that are ready for you to use:

  • Statutory and management consolidation
  • Financial, strategic and operational planning
  • Indirect and direct cashflows
  • Performance management reporting and dashboards
  • IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17
  • Salary and workforce planning
  • Master data automation
  • Self-service reporting
  • Disclosure management in Word and PowerPoint

It is not possible to get all the above in a single SAP solution – but with CCH Tagetik and SAP HANA together give a new, powerful, integrated way of financial workings.

Case studies for CCH Tagetik + SAP HANA Integration

For organisations like Daimler running SAP HANA applications, CCH Tagetik was the first Corporate Performance Management Platform to be “Powered by SAP HANA” .

Daimler and CCH Tagetik

See how Daimler used CCH Tagetik to leverage HANA and deliver a unified corporate performance management platform embedded in their SAP landscape.
→  Link to Daimler case study.

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CCH Tagetik – a better option for finance departments running SAP


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