Meet the new lease accounting solution for IFRS16 compliance
CCH Tagetik offers a ready to use solution that has been built by finance for finance teams. If you are still not ready for IFRS 16 or feel there are gaps, you can be up and ready in three easy steps! Be confident you are compliant:

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How CCH Tagetik gets you ready for IFRS16?

  • IFRS 16 Compliant journals
  • Complete respository of any asset class such as real estate, vehicles etc.
  • Easy inetgration with any lease management software
  • Automate posting to the general ledger
  • Full auditability and reporting for Financial planners


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The deadline for IFRS 16 has passed but are you confident that your lease accounting practices are compliant ?

Blog Series – IFRS 16
CCH Tagetik for Lease Accounting IFRS 16 & ASC 842 software solution helps you transition to the new leasing regulations and get compliant quickly. Find some useful information in our blog series
Getting ready for IFRS 16

IFRS 16 – Easy Steps to Implementation

IFRS 16 came into force on January 2019, and yet only 3% businesses are fully compliant. Are you? The upgrade to systems and reporting can seem like a resource intensive task. Find out about challenges you might face on road to IFRS16 compliance and how CCH Tagetik can simplify things.

Successful IFRS 16 projects - The Devil is in the data

Learnings from our experience of successful IFRS 16 upgrades completed in the last six months. The primary challenge is data! Sometimes basic questions around leases remain unanswered.
Act now

IT's not too late - Take Action NOW!

IFRS 16 has been a lot to take in – new standard called for changes in processes, recording and reporting. No suprises, businesses are struggling to completely change lease accounting and reporting practices.It’s complex, so choose a solution that ispowerful, future proof and well supported. If you still see gaps -it’s not too late!