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Corporate Performance Management Software

CCH Tagetik – Cloud based Finance Platform

AIS Consulting are an implementation partner for CCH Tagetik – the robust and scalable Cloud-based Finance Management Platform helping the office of the CFO to not only plan, report and disclose finance but

turning your data into dynamic business insights

CERTIFIED ISO 27001 – CERTIFIED ISO 22301 – OHSAS 18001 – ISO 9001

Key areas of Impact in the office of The CFO

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Get more from your IFRS 16 transition

Companies are ditching MS Excel models and turning to CCH Tagetik IFRS16. With over 150 implementations, CCH Tagetik has established itself as the leader in the UK market for IFRS16 regulatory reporting.

Just some of the reasons to consider Lease Accounting IFRS 16 & ASC 842 software solution:

▸ quickly assess the impact of different transition approaches within days
▸ create a single repository for all lease data (IFRS16 and non-IFRS16) in the cloud
▸ automate the lease updates from source systems
▸ have better operational management of your leases
▸ forecast and simulate future lease vs non lease decisions
▸ be up and running in weeks

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No more late nights getting the group numbers right

Using CCH Tagetik’s financial consolidation platform, AIS puts you in control of your group management and statutory reporting. Make life easier for your reporting units and drive innovation across the group, no matter what the market conditions:

▸ Manage your whole process from the helm with the unified consolidation cockpit
▸ Cut your consolidation and reporting timeframes with better data integration
▸ More accurate consolidated plans for your long-term market resilience
▸ In-depth Big Data analytics for tying operational metrics into group reporting
▸ Support your key Finance Office responsibilities, including budgeting, regulatory disclosures and profitability for the Group

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Get a better grip on your bottom line

Add another string to your bow with CCH Tagetik’s Analytical Information Hub (AIH). You’ll be able to plug your finance systems into your operational data to analyse trends in spending to better control and reduce costs and to understand better what drives profit in the business.

You will be able to:

▸ connect finance and operations in a way that was not possible before
▸ Analyse spend patterns in alignment with business activities
▸ uncover opportunities to reduce costs
▸ review actual and planned profitability of service, product, sales channels or any other segmental analysis

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Integrated Financial Planning and Analysis

Streamline and connect plans using CCH Tagetik Corporate and Operational planning.

Plan to perform:

▸ creating a finance plan
▸ HR planing by person / role
▸ sales and marketing plans (volumes and prices)
▸ gross margin plan
consolidated plans across the organisation
simulation and driver based planning
▸ everything linked and connected in one solution


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The AIS CPM analyser is a strategic framework that helped us work out the best way forward to improve our finance processes - a useful tool before embarking on any projects
James Downey

Head of Finance, Northern Rail

Replaced 6 month budget cycle with 3 rolling forecasts taking 3 weeks each

Head of Finance, Global Pharmaceutical

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