Why SAP IT departments recommend CCH Tagetik?

Why SAP IT departments recommend CCH Tagetik for their finance teams?


Leverage CCH Tagetik’s rich heritage in the corporate performance management for planning, budgeting, financial consolidation and disclosure management.

CCH Tagetik is recommended by SAP IT teams

ne of the biggest benefits for companies running SAP is that solutions integrate seamlessly providing consistent information across the business. Administration and maintenance is managed centrally and has economies of scale when SAP is across all corners of the entreprise. One version of the truth, one consistent view, one SAP.

However, SAP has partnerships with 3rd Party solution providers that offer best practice in their particular domain areas. Niche vendors can offer a level of specialism to SAP customers that can exceed SAP own solutions – this is recognised by SAP and so partnerships are set up with the leading companies.

But 3rd party solutions need to be able to leverage the same level of integration as SAP own solutions – data, master data, security and other functions…to get the badge of a SAP certified solution and for IT organisations to consider them.


How CCH Tagetik enables a seamless flow of data in and out of SAP

CCH Tagetik has a rich heritage in the corporate performance management – meaning planning, budgeting, financial consolidation and disclosure management. SAP and CCH Tagetik have been technology partners for years with connectors for SAP ECC modules such as FI, CO, PS and other modules. SAP Organisations have been able to embed CCH Tagetik into their landscape, with a seamless flow of transaction and master data.

Incredible Finance Toolkit “Powered by SAP HANA”

CCH Tagetik also run natively on SAP HANA and is a certified “Powered by HANA” solution. This means that Finance teams can reap the benefits of HANA and also the incredible finance toolkits available with CCH Tagetik. Some of the largest, most SAPified companies in the world are going with CCH Tagetik such as Daimler and Schakowsky – and the benefits are double fold for their finance teams – the power of HANA with the Finance Process capabilities of CCH Tagetik: More accurate forecasting, reduced Budget cycles, faster close and consolidation.

More and more SAP companies are choosing CCH Tagetik. From a CFO perspective, Finance are enabled. They are self-service when it comes to creating reports and analysing information. They have tools that enable them to form a real partnership with the business and add value. The arsenal is fully stocked with pre-built processes that all finance departments need but not all have.  From a CIO perspective, CCH Tagetik integrates with the existing SAP landscapes– and as the product roadmap is aligned with SAP’s – this will still be closely integrated going forward.

See CCH Tagetik in action with SAP. 

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Get the best out of SAP Investment with CCH Tagetik

SAP companies are finding that project risk is low. This is because CCH Tagetik comes with an awful lot of pre-built content. So there is less to build and to get wrong – less to define and misinterpret. Tagetik have done it right when it comes to including everything that the CFO needs in one place. This combined with the integration with SAP is what makes CCH Tagetik stand apart.


So what does this mean for IT and Finance ?



Case studies for CCH Tagetik + SAP HANA Integration

For organisations like Daimler running SAP HANA applications, CCH Tagetik was the first Corporate Performance Management Platform to be “Powered by SAP HANA” .

Daimler and CCH Tagetik

See how Daimler used CCH Tagetik to leverage HANA and deliver a unified corporate performance management platform embedded in their SAP landscape.
→  Link to Daimler case study.

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CCH Tagetik – a better option for finance departments running SAP


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