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Finance Improvement workshops

Effective blueprinting is the first step in any process improvement activity…


Using our CPM Assessment Tool and focused workshops, we work together with you to:

  • Benchmark your processes
  • Identify improvement opportunities.

  • Evaluate options and prioritise

  • Develop an optimized improvement plan – the most value gain for the least cost.
  • Within a few weeks you will have a finance blueprint for the change ahead and business case to support the change.



'A strategic process to help understand priorities and visualise potential benefits - a useful tool before embarking on any projects'

James Downey, Head of Finance, Northern Rail

−James Downey, Head of Finance, Northern Rail



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Choosing planning and reporting software

Technology is the enabler and the software vendor is your business partner…


Using our software selection and vendor analysis tools, you are more certain to select the right software to meet your needs and the right vendor to suit your ideal partner profile.

We work with you to provide advice, guidance and to support you though the selection process.

Or simply contact us for informal guidance and we will be happy to share customer experiences and /or facilitate discussions with the consulting teams in various vendor organizations.


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Implementation and support

One thing you can be sure of is that everything will not go to plan – it’s how we manage this that counts


With over 17 years delivering CPM projects for a range of organisations (mid-size to global), we have proven practices and methodologies to successfully deliver your finance projects.

Project assurance and risk assessments help us to ensure a viable plan is defined at the outset.

Realtime project management and budget monitoring encourage a “no surprises” governance process and our approach encourages commitment from all team members to deliver on time, on budget and on value.

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